Led wallpaper

Why our wallpapers are unique


Patience is everything

Installation requirements

We recommend using a trusted wallpaper professional with past experience of hanging high end wall coverings.

In preparation for installation the wall must be dry, uniformly smooth and absolutely clear of any coatings or metal objects (staples, nails and etc.).

LED wallpaper requires an electrical connection and provides a low voltage lighting system. Meystyle uses an exclusive technology to seamlessly connect each roll of paper to one another reducing the wiring to minimum.

Normally a single power point is enough for one room, please refer to the specific layout supplied for each design option for the details.

Power supplies and LED drivers

Connecting to electricity

Our power supplies and LED Drivers are custom made or individually selected to meet specific requirements. You must only use the power supply provided with each order to avoid malfunctioning. Each power unit can be provided with the requested country specific plug. You do not need an electrician to connect the wallpaper if you are using a plug in unit.

You have the option to connect the LED/OLED wallpaper using an LED driver. Please contact us directly for the cost of this customisation for your layout. You must have a professional electrician carry out the connection of the LED driver.

Power supplies and LED drivers