What does 'LED Wallpaper Chandelier' mean?
All our LED wallpaper Chandeliers are completely flat designs digitally printed onto wallpaper material with a trompe l'oeil effect that will add a sense of depth to your walls. Each roll comes with integrated LED or OLED lights that will transform it into a light installation once switched on.

What is an OLED?
OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode) is an organic material-based surface light source. Among all high-efficiency/eco-friendly lighting sources, OLEDs have the closest spectral power distribution to natural light. This creates emotional comfort and is ideal for places where natural light is unavailable or for places where quality light is needed.

What is the difference between LED and OLED wallpaper?
LED wallpaper is made with LEDs and OLED wallpaper is made with OLEDs. Apart from the aesthetics the main difference is how you connect them to electricity in your project. LEDs come with a plug in unit that plugs into a nearby socket. OLEDs come with an in line LED driver that you need to connect to a light switch with the assistance of an electrician.

LEDs inside the wallpaper? Do they add any thickness to it?
No. The LEDs are fully integrated into the wallpaper without adding any thickness to the material.

Does the LED wallpaper require any special installation or wall preparation?
LED wallpaper is hung like any traditional wall covering. The surface of the wall needs to be dry, uniformly smooth, uniform in colour and clear of any unsound coatings or metal objects (staples, nails, etc.), for best results lining paper is recommended. We encourage you to request installation instructions prior to purchase. You can request these by emailing us at boutique@meystyle.com.

We encourage you to request installation instructions prior to purchase. You can request these by emailing us at boutique@meystyle.com.

Do I need a specialised installer to hang the LED wallpaper?
We recommend using a skilled professional wallpaper hanger to carry out the installation. Any good professional wallpaper installer can do the job. Detailed installation instructions are provided with each order.

What is the width and length of the rolls?
Please refer to the description provided in each Layout diagram for the exact dimensions.

How do the LEDs switch on?
Each Layout of LED wallpaper requires one power socket to light up, OLED wallpaper will come with an in line LED driver which must be connected by an electrician.

If you are considering placing two or more Layouts next to each other on one wall, please follow the guidance in the ‘Can I mix and match Layouts’ section.

So there is a wire? Will it show through the paper?
No. The entire surface of the LED wallpaper is completely flat. The wire for the power supply attaches at the bottom edge of the roll, without adding any thickness

Can I decide where the connection for the power supply will go?
Yes. Please inform us of your requirements to receive a feasibility confirmation prior to proceeding with the order.

Can I trim the LED/OLED wallpaper?
Yes. You can trim both types of wallpaper to the required length like any other wallpaper.

What is the length of the wire for the power supply?
3 metres. The standard colour of wire is white. If you wish to change to a black coloured wire, please send your request to boutique@meystyle.com.

What is the lifespan of the LEDs on the wallpaper?
LEDs have an estimated operating life of 50 000 hours at 20mA, 25°C. This is equivalent to 5.7 years of constant use or 11.4 years with the LEDs on for 12 hrs per day.

What is the lifespan of the OLEDs on the wallpaper?
OLEDs have an estimated operating life of 30 000 hours at normal room temperature. This is equivalent to 3.5 years of constant use or 7 years with lights on for 12 hrs per day.

Should one LED/OLED  get damaged, what happens to the rest of the wallpaper?
If one or more LEDs get damaged, the other LEDs on the wallpaper will continue to work normally.

Is it possible to replace a single LED on a roll?
No. We would need to replace the entire roll with a new one.

Is it possible to replace a single OLED on a roll?
Yes. You can order replacement OLEDs from boutique@meystyle.com.

Can LED wallpaper be dimmed?
No. Our LED wallpaper only has an ON/OFF mode.

Can OLED wallpaper be dimmed?
Yes. OLED wallpaper can be dimmed.

What is the material of the wallpaper?
Our wallpaper is digitally printed on a high quality non-woven vinyl-coated material with a luxurious matte finish.

Is the wallpaper washable?
No. LED wallpaper can be gently wiped only.

Each design can be printed on one of the 14 background colours provided in the colour chart unless stated otherwise in the product description.

Led Wallpaper Boutique Ltd
can only guarantee an exact colour match on rolls featured in a single Layout.

An exact colour match cannot be guaranteed on orders placed separately.

Can I mix and match Layouts?
Layout Diagrams supplied in the Size & Layout tab represent the exact dimensions of the wallpaper and pattern that will be printed in your selected colourway. Layouts are not designed to create a matching repeat when placed next to one another.

If you wish to purchase two or more Layouts that form a continuous flow, please send your request to boutique@meystyle.com. Any modifications will be subject to an artwork fee.

Can I modify a Layout?
Custom layouts can be made on request subject to an artwork fee. For more information, please email your request to boutique@meystyle.com.

How do I place an order?

1. Select your preferred design, select the colour and select the preferred Layout and add to the cart.
2. Proceed to check-out like any regular online purchase

How is the wallpaper supplied?
Each roll of wallpaper you buy will come in our exclusive packaging. 
Each Layout will be sent as singles or multiples of 63cm and 126cm wide rolls as required.

What are the lead times?
Meystyle online Boutique orders are normally dispatched within 10 to 14 working days.
Please note that longer lead times may apply during holiday periods.

What are the delivery times and costs?
Delivery times and costs vary according to your location. You can use the Shipping Rates Calculator after adding an item to the cart to calculate the exact shipping costs to your address. We always send parcels through tracked courier services to assure that you will receive your order as safely and quickly as possible.

Can I return my order?
No. All of our wallpaper is printed to order with the finishes that you have requested. Accordingly, these are goods made to your specification and the normal cancellation rights under the United Kingdom’s Distance Selling Regulations do not apply. It is therefore, your responsibility to ensure that the product will meet your expectations prior to purchase.

We encourage you to purchase a material sample prior to confirming your order. Any additional information that you require to make an informed purchase can be requested via email to boutique@meystyle.com.

In the unlikely event that any faults with the wallpaper appear, you must inform Led Wallpaper Boutique Ltd within 7 days of receiving the order and send photographic proof of the fault to boutique@meystyle.comLed Wallpaper Boutique Ltd reserves the right to ask you to send the faulty goods back at your own expense for inspection to determine the cause of the issue.

We will replace any goods deemed faulty upon inspection.

Always keep the original roll labels and packaging until you are happy with the installed product, as without them complaints cannot be accepted.

Installation instructions are supplied with each individual order. These must be read before commencing installation and followed at all times.

Labour costs will not be reimbursed by Led Wallpaper Boutique Ltd.

Led Wallpaper Boutique Ltd
reserves the right to cancel the order if we are unable to source the materials to make the order within a reasonable timeframe or if we cannot deliver the order to your area. Led Wallpaper Boutique Ltd will not be obliged to offer any compensation in such cases.